Common myths about smoking

Giving up smoking will make me put on weight

You can put on a little bit of extra weight. However, by being careful what you eat and trying not to replace cigarettes for food, you can reduce the amount of weight gained. Your advisor can give you some advice and tips to reduce weight gain.

Giving up smoking will make me more stressed

Smokers often associate smoking with stress because having a cigarette will relieve cravings. It is important when you are giving up smoking to have a plan in place to help you deal with those stressful moments. You can discuss some coping skills with your advisor.

Using nicotine replacement therapies is no better for you than smoking

Tobacco contains over 4,000 harmful chemicals, which can be the cause of health problems. Nicotine replacement therapies only contain a small amount of ‘clean’ nicotine and are much safer than smoking.

It’s too late to give up-the damage is already done.

It is never too late to see and feel the health benefits from stopping smoking. Even after 20 minutes from stopping smoking your body will start to heal, your circulation will improve and your blood pressure and pulse will return to normal.

The patches give you nightmares

Using 24 hour patches can really help with the morning cravings. If you do suffer from vivid dreams then you can remove your patch before bed and perhaps use another product to help in the morning. Your advisor will be happy to discuss this further with you.

None of the stop smoking medications I’ve tried work for me.

The medications will help with your physical addiction to nicotine and will reduce your cravings, but it is important to make changes to your routines and plan for those difficult times. You can discuss tips and tricks that may help with your advisor.

I’ve tried to quit but haven’t been able to so why bother trying?

Never give up giving up, it may have been that you just weren’t ready to stop or that you didn’t use the right product for you.  With help from your advisor and using a product that suits you, you are four times more likely to stop. You will gain valuable experience from your previous quit attempts which you can use to help you stop this time.