Reasons to Quit Smoking

There are lots of benefits to becoming smoke free.


Stopping smoking can have a dramatic effect on how long you live and your quality of life. Stopping smoking will reduce your risks of cancer, heart disease and strokes. After just 20 minutes your circulation will improve and your risk of lung diseases such as COPD will reduce, making it easier for you to breathe.  Stopping smoking can help to improve your sex life and fertility.

Health benefit can be counted here.


Stopping smoking will have a huge impact on your pocket, if you smoke 20 cigarettes per day you could save around £2,600 each year.

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Lots of people want to quit because they want to be around to see their children grow up and enjoy quality time with them. Becoming smoke free can help protect your family from second hand smoke. Children are much less likely to start smoking if there parents/carers are smoke free.

Social Reasons

People are finding it harder to locate somewhere to smoke. Think how much more you will enjoy a social event without worrying when you will be able to go out for a cigarette.


Stopping smoking can improve the appearance of your skin and also helps to prevent staining on your teeth, and protects against tooth loss.

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